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Hello, and welcome to Modification Education. This blog is dedicated to providing information about body modifications, answering your questions, and featuring the lovely people of the internet to show you how not to mod. The blog is run by two lovely people, Jessi and L. As members of the body mod community, we want nothing more than to ensure your mods are as happy and healthy as possible. If you have any questions, you know who to turn to; we’ll show you the light!

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Anonymous said: Before there were big tumblr blogs and sites, I stretched my ears with basic knowledge. I used acrylic pinchers for a bit then started using metal tapers/pinchers, metal jewelry, and used bondage tape after 4g. I waited 3-4 months between each size, never forced jewelry in, never had a blow out or hurt my ears. I've used jojoba oil and vitamin E oil since I first started stretching also. Yet my ears are wrinkly. I don't think it's the cat butt effect, just my skin type. Please help, any advice?

Some people just have wrinkly lobes; most people’s lobes will get wrinkly lobes if they leave their jewelry out for periods of time, it happens to me, too. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it, it’s just how lobes look naturally for most people. You can buy 100% pure shea butter to help moisturize to see if that helps, but again I don’t think there’s anything you can do to get rid of it since it’s a natural occurrence. 


Finally a chart that goes past 1 Inch aaaaaahhh 


Finally a chart that goes past 1 Inch aaaaaahhh 

I am so sorry for what I am about to do to you. There will be lots of cursing because I am angry you’re just going to have to deal with it I apologize ahead of time.

This video legitimately pisses me the fuck off. This is honestly embarrassing. We as a community are better than this; this is disgraceful. I don’t know how this video has been up for a year and hasn’t gotten nearly the amount of negative attention it deserves. I honestly think we should work on taking this video down, that’s how angry it makes me.

  1. This guy is representing himself as a piercer. A professional in the body modification community. The fact that he not only has blatantly shown he does not know enough about the modification to be talking about it by letting title the video “types of ear gauges” but is also giving downright incorrect information to the public worldwide makes me so angry I am shaking. You are a professional; fucking act like one
  2. This may be me just being biased and an asshole but “if I can pinch it I can pierce it” is a stupid fucking slogan and on what terms do you define ethical. 
  3. Once you’ve stretched your ear to a certain gauge allow your ear to naturally stretch itself but I’m not going to give you the size or how to get there okay cool.
  4. No. No forcing cannot be done. Not unless you quite blatanly want a fucked up modification that will give you problems and look like obvious and total shit. 
  5. Pangea Piercing sells clothing and they are one of the best studios worldwide. All of the piercing studios here in Toledo don’t even compare to those guys. Don’t base the quality of the shop based on how shiny their jewelry table is. Base the quality of the shop on how well they take care of their clients, what specific types of jewelry they sell, and whether or not they are APP certified. 
  6. No. Do not fucking have your ears pierced at a larger gauge if you are planning on stretching your lobes. You need all the tissue you can get from the start, punching or piercing at a large gauge initially will automatically take some of that much needed tissue away. 
  7. Can we just talk about the massive fucking insertion taper on that tray. Can we just.
  8. You’re supposed to stop using tapers absolutely and without acception once you hit 2g because once you hit that point the jumps are significantly bigger and not many people are capable of making that jump in one go. If it were up to me tapers wouldn’t even exist in 0g or larger. Why he has a taper that looks like it could be 3/4ths or larger is beyond me. 
  9. "your ear never retains any memory" what the fuck is that supposed to even mean. 
  10. Oh look a professional piercer who doesn’t know that labret is not a french word and should not be pronounced with the french fucking pronunciation. 
  11. Why. The fuck. Would you put a labret post. In your earlobes. They have plugs for that, sweetie.
  12. Oh yeah ‘over the hole in the hole’ is a gr8 way to explain how to put in double flared jewelry you go Glen Coco
  13. Nautical star is also apparently a type of jewelry k cool.
  14. Is he hinting that those “typical eyelet with the bronze type of gem in it” can be worn initially because if he is I might actually throw up. 
  15. That is also not your typical eyelet it is flared on both ends and has fancy shit on the front of it. Typical eyelets can be single, double, or no flared and usually aren’t very decorative because it’s fucking typical.
  16. Absolutely no mention of lobe massages to bring blood flow and oxygen to the area
  17. Absolutely no mention of the much necessary oils, lubricants, and creams/butters (100% natural shea and holey butt’r) that are desperately needed in your stretching journey.
  18. Absolutely no mention of legitimate specific materials to wear and not to wear while stretching.
  19. No mention of being wary of possible allergic reactions
  20. No mention of how to actually stretch with tapers
  21. I didn’t see bondage or ptfe tape anywhere or any even remote hint at the taping method
  22. No explanation of natural stretching past “lots of time.”

If this guy lived in my area I would have been to his shop to scream at him on multiple occasions.


pretty-pretty-little-ana said: Hi 😊 I'm currently at 0g. But I have a... Slight issue. I have "attached ear lobes" where, my whole side of my love is attached to my head, so when I go bigger, it only goes out one way, and down, not like, perfectly round? I'm scared I'll tear my lobe if I go bigger, but j can't find help. I want to see a plastic Surgeon to see if I can get them detached. What do you think? Is it safe to keep going bigger ?

Well for starters, you can always do some things to thicken your lobes while stretching. Jojoba oil massages are a must (and something you should generally be doing anyway). Jojoba oil helps thicken up your lobes, keeps them moisturized, and the massages help blood flow and oxygen going in the tissue. Downsizing for a number of months and slowly stretching back up has been known to work, too. Every time you stretch you create little microtears (and yes I mean micro not huge ones that are problematic). Your skin will regenerate and create new skin cells when this happens, and if you do it enough you’ll wind up with nice thick earlobes. This takes a tremendous amount of time, so if you downsize once and stretch back up without any noticeable difference, don’t be discouraged. Things like this take time.

I know plenty of people with large lobes that are attached, I don’t think surgery is totally necessary, but if it’s something you want to do it won’t hurt. Just make sure you let the doctor who is doing the procedure what the purpose is and try to make sure there is as little scar tissue as possible. 


t0love1self said: So Im at a 00g right now. Well was. I'm abroad at the moment and while I was sick a couple of weeks ago, I left my plugs out for a few days because everything was so sore. However, only one of my ears grew up about two sizes. I have nothing to stretch with at the moment, I'm in the middle of nowhere! So one is at a 00g still and the other is growing smaller as I write this!! Help!!

My first choice of action would be to find a local shop and have them fit you with jewelry that will fit, preferably single flared glass or steel. Don’t try to stretch; wait until you get back home and are no longer sick, and even then give your lobes about two weeks sitting time just in case. 


Anonymous said: Did you know "APP certified" only means the place meets APP's sanitary/health/clean/etc standard, doesn't actually mean the piercers are good?

Considering the APP’s standards for sanitary/health/cleanliness/etc are pretty high I think it’s safe to assume that someone APP certified knows what the fuck they are talking about, and even if they don’t they certainly know more than someone not even involved enough in the community to know what the APP is.


jellfyish said: On the post with the stretching sizes chart, there are also inbetween sizes that you don't normally see (7g, 5g, 3g, 1g, etc) that you can buy from Bodyartforms in single-flare glass plugs in case the jumps are too big!

Yes! We usually only recommend the in between sizes if people are having flare ups because once you hit around 2g you can start taping so the size of the jump isn’t as big of a deal as it was when you had to use tapers, but they are definitely there and more people need to know about them :D


posionisinthetail said: Hi, I was wondering if you knew any good sites to buy some internally threaded jewelry? Also if you could point me in the direction for some vertical labret jewelry? I can never seem to find any... Thanks!

Anatometal, Industrial Strength, and Body Art Forms all have lots of amazing internally threaded jewelry. They can be  a bit pricey, but for Anatometal and IS especially, it is well worth the money. As for vertical labret jewelry, most people use curved barbells similar to what you see in eyebrow piercings. This page, this page, and this page all have jewelry like this. You can look at Plug Your Holes and Kings Body Jewelry for jewelry, as well, though KBJ I’ve noticed doesn’t have a lot of very fantastic jewelry (that aren’t their autoclavable jewelry for stretched lobes. They don’t have a lot of stuff I would be willing to put in my body, at least). 

I hope this was helpful! If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot us more questions :D


lipslikerazors said: Omg I love that analysis of Tessar's stretching video (the chick with blue hair). She has to be my least favourite channel because she has this huge following and they all believe everything she says/does is OK because she claims to be a pro. Urgh!

I’ve noticed that when people don’t know what they’re doing and don’t know any better, they claim they’re professionals. Scratchers, kitchen magicians, “at home hair stylists”, you name it. Unfortunately, unless you’re already heavily into the body mod community, it’s hard to find people who actually know what they’re talking regarding stretching, and that personally terrifies me because so many people have webcams nowadays and you can’t exactly report a YouTube channel admin for being stupid (and believe me, I’ve tried). The YouTube mods don’t care if people are giving out harmful information, as long as they get views and they’re not directly hurting someone in the video itself they let it slide. Which is infuriating.