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Hello, and welcome to Modification Education. This blog is dedicated to providing information about body modifications, answering your questions, and featuring the lovely people of the internet to show you how not to mod. The blog is run by two lovely people, Jessi and L. As members of the body mod community, we want nothing more than to ensure your mods are as happy and healthy as possible. If you have any questions, you know who to turn to; we’ll show you the light!

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professional-pastatute said: So on July 11th, I had a single incision appendectomy through my belly button. My incision is healed, but it did scar significantly. Would it be okay if I ever got my belly button pierced? Should I wait a certain amount of time before I do?

Depending on where exactly the scar is, it may be in a different spot than where a navel piercing would suit you. Either way, it would be good to try and minimize the scarring that you have. Vitamin e oil helps reduce scarring a lot, as well as tea tree oil. It is possible to pierce next to scar tissue, but since it is lighter than regular skin tissue, there is the possibility of it migrating to the scar tissue if they are in very close proximity. I would consult a local piercer that you trust and ask them what they think you should do.

Anonymous said: okay so, i have been wanting to stretch my ears for awhile and have been considering it alot lately, however i have my second and third holes pierced and i am afraid that if i stretch my ears they wll rip right into my second holes and create just a mess, my second lobes arent spaed out very far, will this be a huge problem if i plan to stretch them to about an inch

I ended up retiring my second lobe piercings just because I wanted to focus more on stretching my first; I made my way up to 7/8ths without any problems. I would go to a local piercer that you trust and ask them what they think. I won’t be of much help since I can’t see your lobes in person. I’ve heard of people stretching their first (or both) holes to a certain size and having them scalpeled so it is just one hole, but that is a very expensive (and probably painful) way to go, so I would check out all other options before you started thinking about that one.


hello-good-vibes said: Oh, also, how do you even use the taping method. How much tape do you even put on. I know its a stupid question but I want to stretch my ears the right way. :)

I haven’t had a look at this in a couple of weeks because I am a very bad mod (plus I don’t have a computer) so if it’s been forever since you’ve gotten a reply I am very very sorry and I really am trying to get better about being more active here.

Anyway, I actually made (and updated) a guide explaining how the taping method works, what materials to use, and a whole bunch of other exciting stuff. You can find it here! If it’s confusing or you just want more information, please don’t hesitate to shoot us more messages! (and I promise I’ll respond quicker next time >.<)


hello-good-vibes said: I was also curious if you could give me some good reasons for a tattoo? I would love to get one, but I don't know what to get. Plus I can't think of when to get it. /: I would love to see the video. And how do suggest I get started stretching?

Get whatever you like! Tattoos don’t have to have a meaning. As for reasons, because you like the design, you want to decorate your body, maybe it has a meaning. Find a reputable artist, LOOK AT THEIR PORTFOLIO, and make an appointment (if you’re 18+)! Or you can see if the artist takes walk ins.

How long have you had your ears pierced? Make sure they are properly placed. That can be an issue, especially if they were pierced using a gun and may affect stretching. For example, mine were gunned when I was a baby, and the placement on my right lobe is more towards the outer edge, so it’s a lot thicker where my lobe connects, and thinner on the outside.

If your ears have been pierced for a while, you might be able to slip in 16g jewelry (I recommend a titanium captive or circular barbell) once you’ve lubed them up. You can get them anodized to a pretty color, too! Wait for it to loosen up (it will take a few months, but that’s fine! Stretching isn’t a race), and then get 14g jewelry, lubricate it, and slip it in.


hello-good-vibes said: Hi! I was going to start stretching my ears soon. I was going to stretch to a half inch. Are there any good stretching kits I could use? I saw a very good one on etsy for $72 but I feel that's a bit expensive but worth it. Could you give some tips?:)

Hey! You’re going to want to skip on any stretching kits. Most are terrible quality (low grade material, tapers that don’t provide a gradual stretch, etc.). While taping is better than tapers, it’s controversial in the modification community. I have used it, and I really like it, but it can be risky, even when using the proper tape. My suggestion is to naturally stretch by waiting 3-4 months in between stretches and slipping in the next size glass plug when you have the room. You’ll want to stretch using millimeter measurements and go up one millimeter every time you stretch. I’m going to be posting a video on my YouTube channel about stretching naturally soon, so if you want to subscribe to be notified when I do so, feel free :3


pushingnedsdaisies said: When I got my tragus pierced I made a remark to the piercer about how i was relieved it didn't bleed and she told me piercings only bleed when the jewellery is the same size as the needle. Is this true?

I, personally, have never heard of anyone saying that in the history of ever. Generally piercings will bleed; this is normal. If the piercer doesn’t know what they are doing or they are too rough, piercings will bleed excessively either from hitting a spot that shouldn’t have been poked or by manhandling it. When I had my lowbrets done (by an APP piercer who has been in the industry for /years/ and has loads of experience), they didn’t bleed until he dropped the ball (no pun intended) and he had a hard time getting a good grip on it after he picked it back up, and even then it was only a little bit. Most every piercing will bleed at least a little bit; if you see blood, don’t get too worried until it starts running down whatever body part it’s on. Whether the needle is the same size as the jewelry or not, I don’t think it matters. You’re creating a hole in your body, it’s bound to leak something. 


porcelainn-timelord said: I've been at 00 for about four months now, and I really want to go bigger. Everything I've read online says the taping method is the best way, but I'm curious as to what you have to suggest. Also what kind of tape is best for the taping method? Thanks for your time!

Taping method! Taping method taping method taping method!

It is by far the best way to stretch other than natural stretching, and by far one of the easiest (in my opinion, anyway).

Here is a page you can use to soak up all sorts of information about the taping method. If you have any more questions, shoot us more messages!


of-mice-and-batman said: Oh my god. I'm so happy this exists, for the past year and in all honesty I've stretched like such an idiot. My ears are blown right the hell out. But that's not why I'm messaging I'm just mentioning that fact because whenever I wake up in the morning my girlfriend points out that my lobes look dead and purple and out of no where ( I didn't take out my plugs ) they look normal? Is this normal

Thank you! It’s always nice to see someone glad we’re around (even though we are really really bad at staying active). 

If you sleep with your jewelry in, it is almost most definitely because of lack of oxygen/blood flow to the area. Once you get to any size bigger than a 0g, it’s ideal to sleep with your jewelry out. With bigger sizes, it’s harder for your lobes to get the blood flow it needs with jewelry in; taking your jewelry out at night not only helps keep that blood flow going, but it’s more comfortable than having bulky heavy things in your ears, and it gives them a chance to rejuvinate. Sleep with your plugs out, and when you wake up every morning give them a nice long oil massage with either vitamin e or jojoba oil to get the blood flowing even more; massages will also be a big help getting your jewerly back in once they’ve been out for a while. If you’re uncomfortable keeping your jewelry out all night, one thing you can do is slowly work your way up to it. Leave them out for an hour, then put them back in. The next day leave them out for two, etc etc. You’ll start to notice that once your ears get used to being naked for a while, you’ll be able to let them be naked a lot longer. 


Anonymous said: I got a belly button piercing done on the 22nd of April, and it isn't painful, but it IS a little red around the top piece and occasionally has flaky skin but that's rare. My main concern is the fact that sometimes when I push the bottom ball to make the top ball pop up, a little bit of light yellowish puss will come out. I had the same issue with my nose stud which healed fine so I wasn't worried at first- but once I got pinkish/red puss. Should I be concerned and see my piercer?

Light yellow puss is usually normal; the only time you really need to worry (about infection, anyway) is when it becomes a dark yellow or greenish color. One thing you might not know is that when your piercing leaks lymph (discharge, puss, etc), it will dry on the outside and inside of your piercing. If you have crusties on the outside, there’s a chance you have crusties on the inside of your piercing, too. Pinkish/red puss means that those crusties on the inside of your piercing dried to the jewelry, and when you move the jewelry around those crusties are tearing at the fistula wall that is trying to form the channel in your skin that will eventually be your healed piercing. My advice would be stop moving the jewelry unless you absolutely have to. If your jewelry is the proper length, there should be no need to move it to push the top ball up. Continue your daily hygiene regimen with it  (which should involve daily sea salt soaks twice a day, rinsing it with warm clean water whenever crusties form, and keeping any cotton products -swabs, balls, etc- as far away from it as possible). Don’t touch it unless you have clean or gloved hands, and don’t mess with it! It should be fine, but if you see that it’s hot to the touch, more sore than normal, red, or you start seeing dark discharge, go see your piercer and see what they can do for you.


Anonymous said: I'm a dude and have somewhat smaller nipples, but I want to get a nipple piercing. is there a point where your nipples are just too small to pierce, or will they just pierce it at a smaller gauge?

The only person who can tell you if you’re suitable for a piercing or not is the person who will be doing the piercing. The person who is doing the procedure will know what’s best for you and your anatomy. As far as I know, nipple piercings are done with either a 16g or 14g; anything smaller than that is not usually recommended (for any piercing, for that matter) because then you run the risk of the jewelry accidentally embedding into your skin while the piercing is healing (the healing edges of the piercing will form over the ends of the jewelry, essentially swallowing it).